Company Group-IB has blocked more than 200 domain names

In the early spring of this year, more than 200 domain names were removed from the delegation. The major part of them – due to the presence of malware sites.

Total in March 2014 accredited registrars have received about 220 applications the need to de-delegation of domains. 16 of these applications are still pending. Eight more domain names as a result have not been blocked due to lack of previous violations. Apparently, their administration responded quickly and removed the disadvantages.

Another 8 domains were initially blocked, but after a short time, had to be unlocked in connection with the liquidation of web-masters violations.

Feedback unlocking involved in the company CERT-GIB.

Most often, the reason for blocking domains served detection of malicious software – 70-80%. The least likely cause of this action is the botnet controller – 6%.

Recall, the company Group-IB is working to identify violations in the vast Russian segment of the World Wide Web on the basis of signed agreements with the focal point on combating unauthorized use of .RU and .RF. Most often it comes to phishing, malware distribution, management of infected PCs to them, as well as unauthorized access to information systems.